We created Strike 2 with an optimistic outlook on a maligned industry. The hypothesis was simple: Advertising, but make it a team sport. We’ve done it successfully by committing to humility and humanity above all else. By not taking ourselves too seriously. And by believing in the power of collaboration. With 25+ years of industry experience, we provide creative counsel with the singular focus of driving business growth…and hopefully having some fun along the way.


At age 24, Jason wrote the successful Super Bowl launch of Gatorade G2 after unsuccessfully attempting the Saltine challenge with Derek Jeter. He went on to create award-winning campaigns for Harley Davidson, Miller Lite and Sprint, while teaching intro to copywriting at the Chicago Portfolio School. After a few years of teaching, he decided to head back to school as well—getting his MBA at the Kellogg School of Management. He is currently the Managing Director and Co-founder of Strike 2.


After graduating from Vanderbilt University, Matt headed north to Chicago for an internship at Leo Burnett. Four years later he had amassed experience creating campaigns for some of the biggest and best marketers on the planet—including Nintendo, P&G and many more. He then moved to the independent-agency world where he gained expertise advertising in the B2B and start-up markets. It was during that time that he and Jason teamed up and set out to bring the Advertising world something different. And here we are.