Earlens Paid Social Campaign

Earlens is the best hearing device the industry has ever seen. Their product had just been named to TIME Magazine’s list of Most Innovative Products of 2020, but their advertising was anything but.

Their current social media campaign had the brand walking and talking like all the other brands on the market, so we set out to create a paid social campaign to elevate their advertising and drive leads to a custom landing page we created.

In order to do so, we had to ensure their consumer facing communication was as premium and differentiated as the product they had developed.

Previous Earlens Work and the Competition

Our Evolution

Landing Page

  • Reduced cost per lead to 40% of KPI.
  • Facebook CTR 3.8X channel benchmark.
  • The campaign has led to higher quality sales leads. Webinar sign up attendance has increased from 6.7% to 70%.
  • Reduced website bounce rate from 30% to under 3%.