Splash Financial

Traditionally, lenders have made it difficult to evaluate student loan refinancing options. Enter Splash Financial, a loan marketplace that makes it easy to compare rates and empowers people to find the best rate and loan for their needs.

It’s a compelling value proposition, however their advertising failed to convey their point of difference. 

Previous Splash Financial Work

Our Approach: We started with a messaging overhaul that better conveyed Splash’s point of difference while being mindful of financial compliance standards. Next, we completed a brand design evolution that better fit Splash’s personality and helped separate it from the pack.

Strike 2 Campaign


We set out with one goal: Get more people to check their Refi rate with Splash–and they did.

  • 77% reduction in the cost of a rate check per person, from $526.41 to $122.31.
  • Other Search highlights:
    • 58% reduction in cost per conversion
    • 90% increase in applications for refinancing
    • 10% increase in branded search volume
  • A shiny award win for our efforts 🙂