Verde Farms

Successfully established as a better-for-you beef wholesaler, Verde Farms was ready to make the transition to a consumer-facing brand. They came to us with consumer research, new packaging art, and one big request: help us develop the look, feel and idea for our inaugural consumer brand campaign.

Initial Briefing Key Inputs

Our Consumer

  • Our target loves and appreciates high quality beef.
  • They want to feel good about what they are eating.
  • They want to know the story and meaning behind the brands they support.

Our Story

  • Verde farms makes beef better in every way.
  • Our farms are located in one of the sunniest places on the planet, where the water is pure, the pastures are endless and the grass is all-you can eat
  • We use regenerative farming practices that actually make the land better, not worse
  • We ensure the animals live as nature intended, with no added hormones or antibiotics.

Our Approach: We created the campaign: “Beef From a Better Place,” and developed a brand ecosystem that built on the beautiful illustrative look of our packaging art. Our mixed-media design reinforced the essence of the brand: equal parts idyllic and attainable and connected the wonder of Verde farms to the realities of our consumer’s day-to-day lives. Our playful, yet meaningful communication echoed the sentiment: this is a choice you can feel good—and joyful—about making for your meal!

The Work

Social Examples

Brand Video


The brand re-launch generated great excitement among retail partners and the press.

With coverage in Forbes, Men’s Journal, CNET, and Meat + Poultry, we garnered significant brand attention both inside the industry and out!